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By specializing in condos, we can expose your property to more condo buyers. The more buyers that are exposed to your unit, the better the chances are of getting your asking price.

* Buyers know that we specialize in condos so they call me when they are looking for condos.

* Real Estate Agents call me when they are working with condo buyers.

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We understand the condo market.

* Market Seasons - Certain times of the year are better than others when trying to sell condos. By knowing the best times, we are able to maximize promotional efforts to get your unit sold.

* Price it Right - We can help you price your unit right. By knowing how your unit will compete with units from other complexes, we are able to get the top dollar for your unit.

An aggressive marketing plan.

* By keeping a low overhead, we are able to advertise your property on a regular basis. This brings a steady flow of condo buyers.

* Real Estate Agents - We actively market your property to other real estate agents. There are over 400 agents on our Board. If each agent is working with only 2 buyers, that would be a source of 800 buyers.

Corporate Web Presence

* Our site is designed specifically for St Augustine Condos

* Unlike other real estate sites we offer practical information that can help a buyer in making a decision.

* We have pictures of the condos, list the number of units in the complex, list the different square footage, type of parking offered and a condo map.

* Our web site is an excellent source of buyers.

Updates - A common complaint from sellers is that they never hear from their agent. We have developed a plan to keep you up to date. You will be notified when your property is shown, advertised, or of any of the changes in the market. These are a few comments from our customers.

These are a few comments from our customers.

Dear Rick,
Wow ! What a surprise to sell so fast and have everything go so smoothly. When we listed with you we had no idea that a month later we would close and have such satisfied sellers and buyers.
Thanks again,
Lural L Dunlap

Rick Ginn helped us sell our condo during a period of depressed real estate prices. Thanks to Rick's persistence and professionalism, we sold our condo at a satisfactory price This has been the most hassle free real estate transaction we have experienced and we are pleased to recommend him to our friends.
Mary Broske



Thank you for the miraculous job you did in selling my condo in just 3 days! Not only that, you got a much better price than I had hoped for. I'm deeply grateful.

My husband and I have sold other properties over the years, and not one was handled as efficiently and thoroughly as this one. Sincerely,
Sylvia Richardson, M.D.



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